Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a Stay at Home Mom can do in 41/2 hours when the boys are gone...

Ok, so today while Harrison was at "school" I came home instead of going to the office today. I had lots to things on my list but knew most would not get done. I decided to start with the Kitchen today. Boy do I wish I had 4 hours that I could spend in each room without anyone around. :)

In the Kitchen -- I wiped down the cabinets, and back splash, cleaned out the microwave, and fridge. Soaked and cleaned my backing stones, clean the burners on the stove, and the racks in the oven. THE BIG PROJECT was the oven. I am embarrassed to say I have not cleaned it since we moved here, mainly because it was SOOOOOO bad I was afraid to start it. Once I got going it was not that bad. I think it had been years since it had been cleaned. It still does not look perfect but it is 30 years. I also straightened up under the sink, did dishes and even have my sink clear, which for those that know me know I HATE to hand wash dishes so my dishwasher is ALWAYS going and more waiting in the sink, but today it is clear! I swept and mopped the kitchen and did several load of clothes, even though they are not put up yet.

Living Room & Sunroom -- swept, mopped, vacuumed, vacuumed couch and chairs, dusted and picked up. Not in that order :)

Also did a bib, balanced the check book and paid bills. I also went to lunch with John which we try to do once a week when Harrison is at School since we don't ever get a date night. We at least get a sit down lunch together with out little fingers. It is nice that we are able to do that while Harrison is safe and sound. I also got to run into a store for just a couple of items and was back in the car in the time it would have taken to get Harrison in and out of the seat. I also got a 3 mile walk in today. I love being at home with Harrison but it is nice to have a little time every now and then to just get stuff done.

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