Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What we have been up to...

Last Saturday we decided to head to John's Parents for the night and visit with Nini and Papa and we had a good visit. Then we headed to Timmy, Nicki, and Isaiah's on Sunday. Nicki and I went shopping looking for deals for a start for winter clothes for the boys and looking for summer deals for next year. We both came home with lots of goodies and some Christmas gifts to boot. Above are the boys playing at Pottery Barn Kids, one of their favorite places to play and Nicki and I love looking at all the goodies too. The table in the picture is like the one that Harrison will be getting for his birthday so I think he will enjoy it.
The boys had fun playing at home too, they are best buddies and they are so cute together but they also know how to get into trouble with one another. Since Isaiah has been home from the hospital this time he has discovered how to pull his trach out, yes out. We were coming home from Isaiah's Doctor's appt. Monday and we say Isaiah playing peek a boo (or so we thought ) he was waving trying to get Harrison's attention. Then they both got really quite. Nicki said check on them, and when I looked back into the back seat I saw that he had pulled his trach out and was just laughing at us. After we got stopped and out the trach back in we asked Harrison if he knew Isaiah had pulled the trach out and he just pulled his hat over his eyes smiled and turned and turned to look out the window. They are cute but also little stinkers. There are many other stories like this one that we could share.

We got out some of John's Hot wheels a couple weeks ago and that is about all Harrison has played with since. They have to go to the store with us, to the car, to peoples houses when we visit, they go EVERYWHERE! Today he lined up his waffle blocks up and started driving the Hot Wheels down them like they were a road. He really has started to use his imagination in the past couple of weeks and it is so neat to watch. We have Hot wheels parked all over the house, he lines them up when (for a Car Show as John says) he is done playing for a little while.

I have been putting more goodies up. Last week I did some Sour Kraut, salsa and peach jam, today I did more Kraut, more salsa, and dill pickles


Carla said...

You kill are so talented it's not even funny! I love looking at your blog just to see the pictures you take of Harrison and such. I have a garden and can and freeze stuff and like to scrapbook, etc., but you amaze me!!
I would kind of like to do some of the embroidery and such, but I don't know what kind of machine to buy or anything and it's a big investment if you decide you don't like it...I just think I could make some extra money on the side. Let me know if you have any suggestions...I can sew when I want to, but hated it as a 4-H project.

The Frugal Homemaker said...

Thank you for putting me on your blogroll! You have a beautiful site and your son is adorable.