Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gathering Eggs...

After we got back from John's parents this weekend, Harrison and I unpacked and repacked for a trip to my parents. John had lots and lots of things to get caught up on Monday while the office was closed, so Sunday evening Harrison and I headed south again for a couple of days. This trip Harrison got to gather eggs for the first time. He LOVES chickens and starts making his chicken sounds as soon as we pull into Grandpa's drive way. Here is how the adventure went.
First he had to Chase the baby chicks (look along the bottom of the pin in front of the water jar) with rocks.
Then he was so proud of his egg since he had to go through the cobwebs to get it.
But with the excitement came tragedy as he fell on his egg, at least Harrison handled the fall better than the egg.
However, broken egg in the hand on the barn floor makes for VERY DIRTY HANDS and all over DIRTY LITTLE RED HEADED BOY!

Then it was off to get cleaned off.... Head and all... If Harrison sees water he thinks it has to go on his head.... then off for more adventures...


Anonymous said...

Fun Fun stuff!!!!!


Carla said...

How fun is that! Reminds me of when my sister and I gathered eggs at my grandparent's.

Oh, and Ciara only slept til 5:45 last weekend b/c we wore her out the day before!!!!

You'll have to see my post later about today's experience...I'll try to get it on there tonight.