Friday, September 5, 2008


Just wanted to show of some of our goodies from Dad's earlier in the week. I did not get a shot of the beans before they got washed, broke, and cooked YUM.

This morning was spent doing more canning. More Salsa and more Spaghetti sauce below is a picture of things I have put up this week. Along with a few pints from my Mother in law.

I am running out of room to store our goodies.

Spaghetti Sauce

10-12 lb. of tomatoes bowl tomatoes until you see the first peel bust open (crack) then put the tomatoes in ice water.
Peel and you can remove seeds if you like but I just keep mine. in. blend in blender ( I dice about 1/3 to just make a little thicker)
In a BIG pot add tomatoes and the the following. It all needs to be VERY small, I put everything in my food processor for a min. before adding to the pot.
2 carrots
1 onion
handful of fresh basil and handful fresh oregano ( can used dried too but don't over do it they get stronger as they sit)
I used some dried parsley but fresh would be great
half of head of garlic (peeled)salt pepper I put half a package of mushrooms too sliced.
bring to a lite bowl and cook for about 40 mins
I can min in a water bath for 40 mins. If you want to eat fresh or freeze you will need to cook it longer.

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