Friday, September 5, 2008

Lazy day and dinner

Today was a lazy day. I don't think Harrison is feeling his best though nothing really seems to be bothering him. He even laid on the couch and watched TV for about a hour and half this morning covered up with a blanket which is so NOT Harrison. SO we have laid around and watched Thomas most of the Day which we usually don't do either. He had a rough day at Mother's Day Out yesterday but I think he was in his funk then too. His teachers said he wanted Tag all day and called for me and even did not take a nap. Which may have been the first day in his life that he did not take a nap.
We had a yummy dinner again tonight, kinda fajitas kinda wraps no name really just trying to use what I had on hand.

I thinly sliced chicken in Olive oil with grill seasoning and garlic, then once it was done, covered with taco seasoning and mixed.

Sliced and cooked onion, green, red, and orange peppers (from the freezer), asparagus (from the freezer), mushrooms.

On spinach tortillas I put a layer of baby spinach, fresh mozzarella cheese, the chicken and veggies.

closed and warmed in a hot pan to melt cheese and put homemade salsa on top.

Side was the yummiest lima beans, we got some more at the farmer's market Wed

Now don't tell John he is eating asparagus and spinach, I have to sneak it in when I can.

I have had several people ask what Harrison eats and when I cook different types of stuff, what do I feed him. He eats what we eat sometimes in a little different form. I know he is not going to like everything we eat but some new tastes take 30 times of trying them before you like them. So he is given most things that we eat, and if I know that more than likely he is not going to like something I will also give him something in addition to what we are eating which he usually eats first then will try the new stuff. If he does not have something that he likes is more likely not to eat anything.
Tonight he had the chicken from our wraps and a few veggies ( orange peppers, mushrooms, asparagus) spaghetti squash from another meal ( he thinks it is pasta and eats it up) and homemade applesauce and home dried raisins thanks to Grandpa. the picture on the left is before the second is during, and then an after shot. So tonight he did not like the veggies which I did not think he would but the rest went over really well.

We are all trying to do very little processed food but we try extra hard for Harrison. Sure it takes a few more mins. to prepare Whole foods but the nutrition is so much better and no chemicals and additives to mess with behavior or sleep. Not to say we don't eat anything that is highly proccesed (you know have I have to have my cokes for example and what could be worst than that?) Harrison does get treats and some times processed food is a must but we do try to get those treats made organically to help a little.

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