Sunday, September 14, 2008

A little more from today

We did get out in the yard a little to water and to pick up some of the limbs that fell during the storm. We had lots of wind but we have lights which most people around (237,000 people) don't and it is not expected for the lights to be back on for up to a week. John has had very few claims today, we expect more tomorrow but the big stuff should have been called in today. Schools are also all closed around here so fun fun fun.

Tonight's was simple and Yummy BLT's three different ways. We can all eat different things with all the same ingredients. I had my BLT in a wheat tortilla (pictured on the left and the insides in the middle), John had his on my flax, walnut wheat bread toasted, and Harrison had just bacon. We had sides of deviled eggs ( Harrison had egg salad) fresh green beans, and fried corn cut fresh off the cob. Harrison also Grandpa's applesauce and sweet potato bread. So we all had BLT's but they all looked very different.

Green Freak Update
For those of you that ask about green updates and organic tips here is a link to a blog I watch that is worth the read and has some additional links if you are interested is checking them out.


The Snell Family said...

sweet potato bread?! You're killing me! Will you send that to me too?

Permission to Mother said...

Fitncrafty is great, I agree!