Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long time no blog...

This week Harrison and I went down to spend the day with Aunt Angie and cousin Matthew while Jeremy was gone for the week. The boys had a big time. Harrison is suppose to be working on blowing, sucking, and licking for his speech to help develop muscles in is mouth so he has been getting all kinds of fun instruments and Matthew helped him learn how to use some of them. I will have to get more pictures Harrison Practicing.

As you can see Harrison is still not excited about going to church!

You might have noticed Harrison LOVES boots so we often go out and about with shorts and boots. At least this morning he was happy with cowboy boots and did not have to have his bright red or green rain boots.
We had big plans for the yard today after church... pulling bushes out, planting new stuff, mow, weeding etc. But all those plans are on hold due to 75- 90 mile per hour winds. So John has been fielding claims all day and we are getting ready to head out to check on a few clients.

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The Snell Family said...

I had been wondering about you guys..thinking what is she thinking? I need an update...then I realized I hadn't updated in a week happens. I'll keep you guys in prayers for the claims.