Monday, September 15, 2008

Storm Update

Ok so after all the wind ( and no rain, that we really needed) yesterday everyone is cleaning up or at least trying to. We are fine, we did not even lose power here even though I think everyone else did. Louisville has over 300,000 without power including the hospitals and over 100 schools. This morning the Mayor said he did not expect to have power back for 10-14 days. So it looks like we will be sitting tight here and glad we did not get hit worse.

John has had several claims with clients but nothing major that I have heard of yet. All the schools are closed so Harrison does not have Mother's Day Out today so I am home without being able to help at the office.

I went to the office this morning to clean and since I did not get my shower before boys were up We won't make it to the office today during nap time but if no school tomorrow we will head on during nap. After Harrison's nap, and my shower today I am going to go to the grocery in hopes there is still food there. So that is it for now here will update if we have more news.

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Hannah Fields said...

hey ann kelly. how are you. we were out of power for about 12 hours or so. i consider myself blessed. i know many do not have an yet. we ran around town for about an hour looking for food with no luck. however we bought glow necklaces for the kids and they were a huge hit. you gotta make everything fun when you have kids. missed you again sunday. someday we'll get together.