Saturday, September 6, 2008

Train Ride with Curious George (lots of pictures)

So today we headed off to New Haven Kentucky for a train ride with Curious George who is Harrison's Favorite and we all know he loves trains so we thought this would be the perfect day. Well, the day had ups and downs but overall we had fun.
Harrison did not think Curious was too fun at first, and cried and did not want to go near him. We have been telling him all week that Curious would be big like Mommy and Daddy since he has never liked mascot type of things. But it did not work so scary Curious was the first DOWN.

Playing on the Thomas and waiting for the train to come when we could hear it in the distance and looking at the parked trains was a big UP! BUT... we did not think about how loud the train would be when it pulled up where we were waiting so when it came up making all kinds of noises Harrison was ready to go bye bye. He did not want anything to do with the train or getting on it.

We did not know if we would be able to get him on the train he was so upset, notice he even got paci in the middle of the day. Another DOWN.

But once we got in our seats and saw the barns, big trucks, and tractors from way up high in the train all was well in the world. Yeah another UP. Oh but wait then came the clowns yet another thing that Harrison HATES. but he did not cry but did not want them to be close to him at all, yet another DOWN.

We even got to stop for a snack and watched the train turn around another UP.

Curious was waiting when we got back off train and this time things were much better so a BIG UP!! Maybe he had to face all his fears in one short trip, and a big monkey was not so scary anymore. He even gave Curious his little stuffed animal curious and gave him a big hug.

The Thomas the Train tables set up may had been the best part, and getting to play with all the other little boys another UP! We even stopped by Pottery barn on the way home to get Harrison table for his birthday so he can have his own train table at home.

We had big plans to leave Paci with the train to take to Thomas. Harrison only has his paci at nap and bed times but since we have told him Thomas wants him to be a big boy and not to have a paci, he throws it down in the bed as soon as he gets up. Some times he even wants to take Thomas to bed and knows that he can't have Thomas and Paci so he will play with Thomas then cry for paci and throw Thomas out. So we thought we had a good plan. This morning Harrison and I had a Paci hunt and gathered up all the paci's we could find. You can tell he is not picky on the type or color. We even made a note for the train to give to Thomas. BUT here comes another DOWN... after all the drama of the day we thought we want for another day to say goodbye to Paci.
Harrison is usually not afraid of anything and will go anywhere and do anything. But Loud noises make him nervous and the big monkey and clowns are kinda out of the ordinary. He was upset some today but I think he still had fun and when we were leaving he keep saying more so I think it was success.


Carol said...

Fun! We went and rode Thomas last year and Evan still talks about it! When he is ready to give up the paci he will! I tried and tried to get rid of Evan's and then one day, out of the blue, he just laid it down. He was ready. It was the same way with potty training, sleeping in his bed, etc. They just need some time!

Anonymous said...

What a fun fun day!!!!!!

Paci will go some day, I think he looks kind of cute smiling out from under it when he knows he shouldn't!!!! I know I help things so much!!!!

Tell him as soon as Isaiah wakes up in the morning we will show him the pics of Harrison with Curious!!!