Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy end of the week.

Wednesday Harrison was suppose to have his hearing screening but he did not get that far, due to fluid in both ears. He hears GREAT so we have not been concerned about if he can hear but wondering if there may be fluid in there causing him to hear things differently since he tries to talk all the time but we don't understand what he says. This was just one more thing to cross off the list but we may have found something. So anyway we then headed to his regular doctor who saw nothing and who called the first doctor to talk about our little man. We are not doing anything for about 10 days then heading back to see what is here. IF the fluid is still there then we will head to the ENT. Above is a picture of Harrison waiting for the doctors to talk on the phone.
Today Harrison and I headed out early for a trip to Richmond. My Mom is away from home tonight and Dad was heading out of town so we met them both for lunch the off to play with friends. We meet up with a friend of mine and her little boy Jaxson. Ashlee and I actually went to school together from preschool till we graduated from High School. Jaxson was three today and she was off work so we thought it was a good day to get together. These pictures are from my phone and I will have more once we get back home. Picture below is the boys playing at the Toy store.
Then we meet cousins Becki, Wame, and Samuel for dinner and a little play time. Then tomorrow we are working in flowers with Amber and Rose so I am sure I will have pictures of that too then heading to a fall event her in Richmond.
Isaiah is still very sick but starting to at least feel better.

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