Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a few crafty things going on and doctors too

Harrison took a great nap today so I was able to work and I think finish his Halloween costume as long as it fits when he gets up. Of course he will have jeans, boots, hat, and a shirt too but they are in his room. This is the first project i have tackled like this so I think I am pleased. Hope it fits and does not fall apart.
Harrison had his doctor appt. today. First we went to check on the fluid and the hearing screening. There was still some fluid but lots less than before and the doctor was not too concerned. He wants to keep an eye on it but as it is not a problem. Harrison got a perfect score on his hearing screening so as we all knew he have very good hearing. Just somewhere along the way from hearing things it gets mixed up and comes out wrong. Then on to his 2 year check up. He weighed 31 pounds and is 36 inches long which is 75 percentile. Everything looked fine and no shots today which was nice and we are changing his reflux medicine to see if it makes a difference.

People ask what I have been up to lately here a few embroidery projects, all but the on above on the right are from this week.


Anonymous said...

love the costume!! i want pics!! i can't wait till i can say *will you embroder me some stuff for you niece or nephew?*!! we will get there one day!! all of the embordy looks great!

The White Family said...

You are just a little Martha!! I love all your crafty projects. :o)