Saturday, October 11, 2008

Harrison's 2nd Birthday Party

What a BIG BOY!!! We had a great day at Harrison's parity and it was so good to have friends and family here with us. Harrison had a BALL :) Isaiah was not able to come as he is VERY sick check out is site

Party Fun!!!

Trey and Harrison

Ball FUN!

Rose and Ashton!

Harrison showing how his cousins how to use his new level from his Daddy, his tool for this birthday. John gets Harrison a new tool for each birthday and every Christmas, so when he is big enough to use them he will have a good set. He has been helping John by using the level with the building of the fence which was finished today!!!
Present fun
Harrison and Samuel

Cousins Harrison, Samuel, and Matthew playing with Thomas!
Big Buddies and best cousins Harrison and Matthew!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy it looks like your party was soooooo much fun!!! Glad you had a great day. Sorry we couldn't be there we thought about you and talked about you tons though. Love you and Isaiah smiles for you today.....big step for him right now!

Anonymous said...

we all had a great time!!! loved spending time w/ you guys all weekend!! can't wait till we move up that way!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Harrison!

Looks like Harrison had a wonderful birthday.

Cindy and Alyssa

Carol said...

Evan's 2nd birthday was a sports party too...mainly because he loved balls of any shape and size at that time. However, he started getting into Thomas right about then and that's what he's loved ever since. 3rd and 4th birthdays were Thomas! Looks like Harrison is following in Evan's footsteps!