Sunday, October 5, 2008

Long time no post... but a lot going on...

It has been awhile since I have made a post and we have been busy. I am also trying to use my computer as little as possible since I fear it is on the blink of dieing for good. We have had it worked on but it keeps moving slower and slower and sometimes it does not want to come on then will shut off for no reason. It is a laptop and the screen is also getting very loose. Anyway I have spent time this week trying to save everything that is not already on discs. But going through all my pictures and embroidery designs is a feat in itself. I think I have everything backed up just in case. I am hoping that my dear laptop, that has served me so well since the beginning of Grad School can on hold no till March when John gets is yearly bonus. I am holding my break but sure hoping, since I use my computer so much.

Harrison's Birthday is this week and I can not believe that he is already turning two. We have goodies ready for this Mother's Day Out class and goody bags for his party ready. I think we have everything ready for his party minus the food of course, and we are praying for nice weather so we can be outside.

Isaiah had his surgery last Monday and did GREAT and got to go home Thursday so they are planning on coming the end of the week for the party and since Nicki and I don't think we can throw a party without the other I will have lots of good help getting the house and food ready for the party. Good Friends are GREAT and hard to find.

Harrison is still lining up his cars and if you look close you will see that for the most party the are put in order by type and or color. This really blows John's mind.

Harrison is so much fun and likes to help do everything we are doing which is interesting while we are building the fence. I need to take my camera back out tomorrow night and get some shots of Harrison making sure the boards are level, and counting the nails, those are a couple of his "jobs". We have gotten a lot done on the fence this weekend. John had to work till 1 yesterday so we only had the afternoon but Harrison took a big nap and then played really well outside so we were able to get lots done. Today Harrison was not so excited to be out there for the third day in the roll, since John took off Friday to work on the fence.

Several people have asked lately how Harrison's speech is coming. He is trying to repeat things that we say now but they still don't sound like something that you would realize, but this is a step in the right direction. He should have 50-200 words and he only has about 15 that most people would realize there are other things and phases that I know what he means but they would not mean anything to anyone else. We go next week to check hearing, which has not been done before because it is very apparent that he has very very good and sensitive hearing. He hears things long before the rest of us. We are checking though to make sure there is not any fluid built up that is distorting what he is hearing. He has only had one ear infection so this is not likely but it is possible so even though we are not expecting to find anything we want to rule everything out. He is also going to have some additional screening to see if OT would be helpful. He does not move his mouth at all when he talks. It looks like he is smiling the whole time he tries to talk which we have been working on but not seeing improvement. We will see how that goes. He scored so high on his original assessments on everything other than speech this was not even concerned before but a concern now worth looking into. Above Harrison practice blowing out candles on my birthday. This was the cake that he and John got for me NOTE THIS IS NOT A PINK CAKE FOR HARRISON!

We also have not gotten to 2 year old pictures yet, and I don't' know if they will be fit in this week so maybe next. I also need to get to work on his Halloween costume. We have tried a couple on and he has went into hysterics. So we have decided to go with a cowboy since he LOVE cowboy boots and Hats. Since these are things he likes to wear and he can wear more normal clothes I think it is our best bet. I need to work on making some chaps and maybe a vest but that is going to wait until after party day.

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Jennifer Burgett said...

McCalls has a pattern for chaps and a vest for the perfect little cowboy! That is what Aaron is going to be too!