Friday, October 24, 2008

More Birthday fun.

This week Isaiah, who is still very sick was feeling up to company so Harrison and I headed south to visit. Since Isaiah was not able to join us for Harrison birthday and party we took the party to him. The boys like to have their Pajama Party and all the fun that goes along with it. So we dressed them up and let them play. They were so EXCITED to see each other and had fun playing. Harrison did really well at the hospital, this was the first time he has been able to see Isaiah in the hospital but we stayed a couple of hours and he did GREAT.

We also had some cake, because what party is complete without a cake and as you can see Nicki lets Harrison do ANYTHING!! No wonder is is one of his favorite people. On the way down we stopped and visited some old neighbors and enjoyed our visit with Mr. and Mrs. Burton. Then after the hospital we had dinner with Nini, Matthew, and Aunt Angie and spent the night with Angie and Matthew so fun was had by all.
John has been getting onto me for not posting what we worked on last weekend but I don't have an after picture yet, and it is raining too hard to go get one now so I will have another update soon.


The White Family said...

That is SO SO SO sweet of you guys!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :o)

Jennifer Burgett said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun!!!

Carla said...

Ann Kelly- I barely even know you, but you inspire me! How sweet of you guys to take the party to Isaiah! ~Carla

Anonymous said...

So he used the fork and not his fingers!!!!!!

Nicki :)

Papa Fred said...

What a great birthday party!! The two best friends getting to see each other again and play after such a long time.They are so cute together.Now that is friendship.