Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yard work


Ok, so I got a couple picture this morning when I went out to get the mail. This past week we decided to pull out almost everything in the front of the house and start new. We keep a handful of things to keep some height and a couple of things I don't know what I what to put in yet so we let what was there. We did it all in one day and it was not near the job we had expected. We had planned on waiting till the spring but we could wait no more. We decided we think it would have looked better with nothing up front compared to what was there. The bad part of doing this this time of year is that our selection o chose from was not the best but the prices were great and since we know we won't be here forever we thought it would be a great improvement. We Still need mulch or rock or something but that will wait till spring. You can click here to see a full picture of the house when we bought it.





Now the spring project is getting the house painted. Any ideas to brighten and freshen it up. We are thinking about painting the trim a cream tan color and the shutters black. Also painting the railing black and to cut the grapes and leave off the railing to make it cleaner. Then getting black rock for the front flower beds. Let me know what you think.

I am also looking for a new pediatrician if anyone in the area has someone they love.


The Snell Family said...

I love the improvements!!! You did good!

The White Family said...

That looks great!! You guys did a wonderful job... wanna come do ours next? I make a awesome glass of sweet tea... lol. :o)

Anonymous said...

looks good can't wait to actually see it!