Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big Boy Days

Well we have been almost a week with NO PACI in our house. This is a HUGE step for Harrison. He would still have it all day everyday if we would let him. It has been staying in the bed for months but a dear friend that he could not part with. I notice the past couple weeks that most nights when I would check on him before I went to bed that he no longer had paci which was a new development. So last week We went cold turkey. Even though in the middle of the night the past couple night it was hard to not give it to him and see if it would help him sleep, I did not give in. The first couple nights he asked for it but that has been it.

Harrison has also started sitting on the potty and goes by chance from time to time. We are not really pushing it yet, we try a couple times a day and plan on hitting it hard right after Christmas. I don't think it would be fair on him to start now with all the traveling we have to do over the holidays. He may not be ready yet, and that would be fine, but he is showing interest so we will give it a try after Christmas.


Anonymous said...

aunt angie is so poud of you!!! and way to go mommy!!

Hannah Fields said...

hey so congrats on the no paci. way to go. i did not look forward to taking grace's away. eventually it was on less thing we had to keep track of. ps when are you going to get started on all of your christmas trees? cant wait to see the pics. since we only put up one i like to look at yours. :)

Papa said...

Harrison; What a big boy you are!!! Nini and Papa are proud of you too. I saw Matthew today and I told him about you kicking the Paci habit and he was happy too. You have very smart Mommy now maybe she can help Papa and his food habit. Hay no more Little Debbies and yes I did have withdrdwals big time from my granola bars.