Friday, November 21, 2008

Long time no post...

I have two cameras, really three but one never seems to have a good battery. anyway my new camera is broke and off to get repaired and the other on (with no lense cover and a flash that only works part of the time :)) has decided to to download to my computer so that is one reason for a lack of posts. This picture is from my phone. I was looking for Harrison and this is where I found him.

We are heading out for the Parkhurst Thanksgiving this weekend with a stop at Nicki's for a couple of hours first to visit there too. John as been out of town all week so I spent the first four days of the week at the office but he got home last night so we got to stay home today. Mom and Dad came up and we went to lunch and played with Harrison's Trains for couple hours. Now I am packing and cleaning up the house some.

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