Monday, November 10, 2008

Not much going on...

Not much going on here in the Parkhurst House. John and I both felt pretty yucky last week so nothing got done that did not have to be done. Harrison is still LOVING his Thomas trains and table. We are so glad that we decided to get the table for his birthday. As you can see there is a mess but this is usually the ONLY area that gets messy and it all goes in the red bins at the end of the day so it is not too bad.

I did get to do some Christmas shopping done today so I am almost done just a few things like so that makes me happy and am in the process of trying to get Christmas cards ordered. But that is about it. Isaiah did get to come home last Friday and I am assuming all is great with them. I have not been able to to talk to Nicki yet but we will catch up soon, no worries.

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Anonymous said...

HEHE I am here. My husband just informed me you called when I was hiding out in the shower!!!! We are home and doing good just trying to get used to it all..... So glad Harrison is still loving the trains and that you guys are feeling better. We are finally feeling better ourselves.

Talk to you tomorrow.