Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Program

Tonight was Harrison's Mother's Day Out program. I need to take my other camera to get those pictures put on a disc. I toke both cameras so I could post a couple pictures tonight for Grandparents to see. I also got some pictures of Harrison's buddy Paul at school, so I will have more to update soon. Everyone in Harrison's class at least stood on stage and did not cry. There was not much signing going on. These three pictures might look the same but if you look you will see a Harrison on the Move. I think he was trying to get to Paul the little guy with dark hair and red sweater vest in the back roll.
After the show we headed out for Ice Cream YUMMY!!!


Carla said...

What a "little man!" I love that first picture of Harrison!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could have seen it! Harrison my little buddy you looked way to cute! I think it was great you wanted to sit by your friend!!!!!

Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday! Talk to you later today.