Sunday, December 7, 2008

It has been a LONG weekend...

John in in the process of hiring a new team member and with his out of town trips Harrison and I have been "working" more than ever. This weekend John and I had two Christmas parties and Mom was planning on coming up this weekend to keep Harrison while we were out. Last week she got a new job and started this past Monday so we had to go to plan B.

I took Harrison to Richmond Friday afternoon and he stayed there until this afternoon. I don't like be away from him but since John was qualified to travel to Austria next summer, I figure I have to get use to it since we will be gone for a week. We also have a State Farm trip to Las Vegas next fall. We will be leaving Harrison at home for both trips so two nights is a good trail for me and Harrison. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching our little red head wonder.

John and I had a State Farm Party Friday night which you can see some picture from here and yes I know I forgot to have someone take a picture of John and I. What a shame to get dressed up and no pictures. Then Sat. Night we had our office party at the Melting Pot and it was so yummy. I head back to Richmond to pick up Harrison after early church while John stayed at Church working media and lights. on our way home Harrison and I ran to Sam's to get his milk and some fruit. He never woke up when I got him out of the car put him in the cart, walked the parking lot, over Sam's and back to the car. NEEDLESS TO SAY WE HAVE HAD A LONG WEEKEND. Now it is time to start the week. Harrison's Mother's Day Out program is this Tues. so I am sure I will have a big update then :)

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Jessica said...

Thanks! It's nice to heard from you. Andy gets that way, every once in awhile he'll start to mention I'm spending too much time in the kitchen or I'm mkaing too much of a certain type of recipe.