Sunday, December 14, 2008

Proud Boy

This afternoon after church I ran to the grocery for a few things and Harrison and John went and Harrison picked out a movie to watch for a "lazy afternoon" we all laid in the living room and watched his movie. He was so EXCITED to watch his movie Air Bud with the "ruff ruffs" (aka dogs). Even though he did not sit still for most of it he did enjoy it a lot, and we all enjoyed the lazy day.
Then Harrison and I worked on a little project that I found 90% off after Christmas last year. It was hard to put together even for me but we got it made and Harrison was so proud of his little Christmas train.
Yes, I did finally get my tree up, just one tree this year not seven and not much other than the tree but Harrison thinks it is pretty neat. Nicki and Isaiah are on their way for a visit so I am sure we will have lots to update.

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Carla said...

Your blog page is always so cute!