Tuesday, December 9, 2008


On a friend's blog she talked about how important family traditions are to her. Leslie talked about their advent calender. We also have a similar calender but I really liked some of her ideas for when Harrison gets a little bigger. Right now we just put a small toy in the pocket each day. We also started last year putting up a live tree on Christmas eve with all ornaments that we made the few days before Christmas. This is the tree that Santa comes to. Let me know what traditions that you have and ideas for ornaments for our tree this year.


angie said...

love the pics!! we started getting an angel boy about Matthews age and let him pic out the things that we get for the angel... he loves doing it.. this was our 2nd year to do it..

Leslie said...

We are making snowman ornaments with clear glass balls. You paint Harrisons palm white then put the ornament in his hand and he grasps the "ball". You then take paint pens and decorate each "finger" to look like a snowman.