Thursday, January 8, 2009

Harrison's Days

Harrison has been using the potty some lately and we even put big boy pants on last night for a few hours without any accidents. I don't think he is ready to go all the way yet but we are working on it some.

We also went to a new pediatrician yesterday and we really liked her, she gave us a couple of things to try for his reflux and speech so we will see if we see any changes.

However today I got a call from Mother's Day Out that Harrison was throwing up. so maybe he picked something up while we are at the doctor yesterday. This is the first time he has thrown up other than the reflux and milk issues when he was little. Which he had lots to clean up then but it was all milk. So He misses speech again ....

Of course Isaiah's Birthday is this weekend and we were planing on heading down there in the morning. Maybe he will be better in time to at least go to the party on Sunday.