Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Last Few Days

While the Painter was here today (which is a LONG story) Harrison and I went and painted a piggy bank at a pottery painting place that is new in town. Harrison had a big time painting his pig and we look forward to picking up Piggy next week and bring him home. Last night John picked Harrison up at Mother's Day Out they got a hair cut and played at the Fun Dome, which is lot so fun stuff for big and little guys. Harrison has lucked out while we have had some painting getting done. However I still don't have after pictures after three days of painting, the painter thinks the job is done and we don't quit agree so we have some more work to do. I should have the living put together tomorrow for a couple pictures we will see.

Monday Harrison had fun playing with Cousin Matthew. They got to play most of the day we got to see Matthew's new house had some yummy pizza and then tired to get the boys to take a nap with no success.
Harrison has not been sleeping very well this week. Then tonight when I was talking to Nicki she asked if Harrison was sleeping at night I said no, and she said well that explains it, Issiah has been waking up every night about the same time as Harrison I tell, they are WEIRD, but they are best buddies too. So we told them if they start sleeping that we can get together to play for a day or two, but it is no fun having them together when they are not sleeping.