Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This and That

Today one of Harrison's buddies from Church came to play with Harrison while I played with my camera on some maternity pictures of Trey's Mommy. The boys had a big time playing with everything they could get their hands on. Ashley and I enjoyed our visit too.

Kitchen Update:::
Ok so I WISH my kitchen looked like this one in the pictures but I think it is what were are going with for a color for the kitchen and Living room. I am not crazy about white cabinets but with the woodwork and the rooms that connect to our kitchen I think it is what is going to work best. We will be having the painter her next Monday and Tuesday so I am excited to see how things turn out. We are going to be changing some of the trim to update a little. I don't think we are gong to add the new cabinets just yet but I may do a couple of glass doors when we do. AND I LOVE THE SINK IN THIS PICTURE DON"T YOU?


Carla said...

The colors are very rich and clean looking! I hope you are happy with the new look! I'll keep an eye out for updated pictures next sure to show a before and after!

Jennifer Burgett said...

I would love that kitchen too!

splendid said...