Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We just had to play...

Ok, so even though we had trees and branches falling we just had to get out in the snow. We went out this afternoon and only went in the front yard so there was no danger of anything falling on us. A couple times today I found Harrison with the back door open picking up snow and eating it. He would lay on the carpet and reach out to get it since we told him not to go out side. He is a silly little guy.

Harrison had a big time, playing, throwing snowballs, and eating it.

Harrison thought it was really cool that he could throw stuff at us without getting into trouble.

The Icicles were his favorite.

Maybe we can get out again tomorrow.

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Papa and Nini said...

That little red head is so cute and perfect. We love the one of him eating the snow,enjoy little one. Snow is so much fun when you are that young and have a little one to play with. Harrison looks like a picture on a card.