Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How He has GROWN

In My Bible study tonight we were talking about how to be a Godly Mother and how to love our children, and I know Harrison is only two but where has it gone. Three years ago this month we were just finding out that he was hidden within my womb, a few years prior to that in Feb. we found out that I did not have cancer and I told John I would marry him. So I guess Feb. is the LOVE MONTH in our family. We seem to get GREAT news in this month.

I Pray I am a good and loving mother tho this little red head wonder that we are so blessed to have with us for a time.



I have a picture of my home pregnancy test from 2006 but won't post that, people might see and think someone else is joining our family which is NOT the case :)

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Fred and Flo Parkhurst said...

Ann Kelly; Since the day John first brought you home to meet Flo and I we are the ones who have been blessed. Harrison is such a wonderful little boy, truley a gift from our Lord. We thank God every day for bringing you and Harrison into our lives. You are truley a Godly Mother to Harrison and a Godly wife to John. Love Fred and Flo
PS I will never forget the first time Harrison pointed up at me and said "Papa" WOW what a moument