Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just everyday stuff

Yesterday Harrison and I made some hot fudge Brownies ( that I may post later) but Harrison really like helping me cook these day and he really liked all this sugar and chocolate. I gave him a little to try...

Harrison also LOVES to brush his teeth and I think he would brush his teeth all day if we would let him.

Just Play Time.

John and I had a sitter last night and went out and had a blast. This was the first time we had gotten a sitter for no reason and we almost did not know what to do with ourselves. Mom has keep Harrison some when she has been up for a visit but we always seem to be rushing trying to get back it was nice to have a night out.
This morning while Harrison was coloring he would hold up a color and said the colors, not perfect but at least had a sound or two right in them so I was so excited. We had his final meeting yesterday to get his OT started next week. He seems to have some sensor issues and some lack of muscle development in is trunk and chest that may be adding to the speech delay. So we are hoping that by working on the sensor stuff, working on some self calming and muscle development that he will be able to relax some, breath better, and have more control to focus on his speech.
that is about all that is going around here.


Carol said...

Evan loved brushing his teeth until he had to start using "big kid" toothpaste. I swear to you that I have purchased every single brand and flavor of kids' toothpaste and he hates all of them. Now we have drama every single time we have to brush his teeth! Enjoy it while it lasts! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tell you friend Carol to check out That is the company that sells Goji Berry juice. They have other organic products and my friend tells me that her grandchildren loves their toothpaste.

And Harrison is getting to be such a big boy. I see he likes his stool at toothbrushing time too. Glad you had a date night. Sorry I couldn't babysit though. Mom