Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Weekend

We have had a busy weekend. Today the boys made several bird houses for Harrison and for all of his grandparents. The boys went to Lowes and worked while I did grocery shopping and some other errands.
This picture of the things I "fished" out of Harrison's Nose Friday. He was eating his afternoon snack and he started blowing his nose and his nose and eyes were watering. I thought I had everything but everything keep running. Finally he blew his nose enough that the dried cranberry showed itself.

My cousin Becki and her little boy Samuel come to visit for the weekend. Her Husband Wame was in California trying out for the national rugby team. We are all so proud of him and hope the tryouts went well, it would be a dream come true for him. Since they came for the weekend we had more Fun with Valentines Day!! The boys had fun making crafts and opening little prizes.

And you know we had to decorate, to make it a party day. John gives me a hard time but it is all in fun. Harrison was so excited when he woke up and saw the balloons and goodies.

And we had to everything Heart shaped !!!!

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