Sunday, February 8, 2009

Party and the frist Zoo trip of the year

Today we had such nice weather that we headed over to Zoo for the afternoon after church. We had a good day. Harrison Loves animals and before we left we asked what he he wanted to see first he said Pigs (oink oink) then we asked what he wanted to see next and he said Monkey (oh oh) then lions (roar) and that is the order they are in at the zoo how he remember that from last year we don't now. We would ask him where something was and he would take us right to it, unbelievable how he remembers things. Above are the rhinos which are really fun when they are up and moving around like they were today. When we got home John and Harrison had to roll around on the ground like the rhinos did. Above is the petting zoo (that only has goats :) ) anyway, we usually don't go, its dirty and usually really crowded but no one was there today so we went in.


Harrison talking to the elephants
Acting like the lions...
Each year on during our first trip to the zoo we take a picture of Harrison on the Elephant, to see how our little red head wonders has grown and changed. As you can tell from he lack of leaves this trip is a little earlier in the year than the past two years. If you click on the pictures you can see a larger version.

Last night we had our office dinner party and we had a big time. The adults enjoyed the visit but the kids had a BLAST and all got along so well.

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Hannah Fields said...

FUN!! I cant wait until our trip to the zoo.