Friday, March 27, 2009


Well Dad convinced us that Harrison need A BUNNY and we said that would be fine. We brought a hatch home last week and cleaned it up for the BUNNY and Harrison was so excited. Dad had went to a couple of sales and auctions (yes they have these things for bunnies) with no luck. So he went to a breeder that he knew of from when he had bunches of rabbits before. Tuesday afternoon I got the call that he had BUNNIES! so Harrison and I headed to Richmond to pick out and bring home A BUNNY. When we got there he had gotten TEN for Harrison to pick A BUNNY from. So Harrison got to see all the bunnies, Dad just but Harrison in the cage with them.
And we brought home a BLACK BUNNY and a SPOTTED BUNNY, yes we went home with TWO BUNNIES one male and one female. NO WORRIES we told Dad we will have babies once then the babies and one of the big bunnies will go back to leave with Grandpa. Harrison Picked out the two he wanted and he was a happy camper.

We also helped Grandpa feed and gather eggs then we headed back home.

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