Wednesday, March 11, 2009

gathering eggs

Harrison and I headed to Richmond yesterday for a little visit with Grammy and Grandpa. It was 70 degrees yesterday and such a nice day. Harrison and I spent the afternoon at Grandpa's while Grammy was at work. Harrison LOVES being outside and LOVES animals so he thinks this is pretty grand. Harrison and Dad's dog Matt Dillon are big buddies, or at least Dillon is BIG:)

Then it was off to gather eggs, Harrison was brave going in lots of dark places looking eggs. He quickly figured out where the eggs might be and found lots and only broke two which is pretty good. These pictures are of Harrison going into a old dog house to gather some eggs.

He should be ready for Easter egg hunting this year, so everyone better watch out! Grandpa also had some new baby chicks to look out.

Grandpa still has tree limbs down from the ice storm so Harrison helped him with clean up for a little bit too.
And there is always time to chase a chicken or a "bok bok" was we know them in our house.
We spent the night with Grammy and had a good visit and headed back this morning.


Clements, party of 5 said...

that is about the biggest dog and cutest red headed little boy I've ever adorable....

Hannah Fields said...

Awesome dog!!!!! really that is so cool.