Saturday, March 28, 2009

Harrison's Day

Well, I have not posted pictures of the bunnies any sooner because it has rained ever since we brought them home. Today we did have a little break in the rain so we got the bunnies out. We put them on a little harness to see how they would be on their own with out worries of them getting a way. the spotted one I think would stay close but they will how they do over time. The picture below made me laugh at first I thought "how sweet" then at a closer look I noticed how he is grabbing the bunnies poor ear and pulling :) Harrison still does not want to name them so they are just "2 bunny rabbits" for now. If we say bunny or rabbit he corrects us that they are "2 bunny rabbits" (more or less anyway in his own way. )

Harrison thinks it is great fun to help me in the Kitchen so I let him help pour and stir when ever possible. I thought he was too cute standing there working so hard.


Lesley said...

Sawyer and I read this post together and he thought it was so funny that Harrison calls them "two bunny rabbits" instead of naming them. : )

Sounds like he may have to rename them "lots of bunny rabbits" down the road since you have a male and a female :)

Hannah Fields said...

the appliances look great and we love the bunnies.