Friday, March 27, 2009


We have been working on the kitchen a bit at a time so here is the before ... And here is today...

So today was the day that the New microwave, dishwasher, and oven!!! they got here right on time which was great, then they came and told me that the oven was the WRONG SIZE!!! So long story short we got the new dishwasher and microwave installed and have to wait another two to three weeks for the new oven to come in. I was hoping to have it in before our Easter Dinner next week but no big deal but I did have big baking plans for tomorrow:)

Harrison had fun playing in the Dishwasher box and now when the oven comes in he will get to build a new house, or what ever he wants that day. The bruise on Harrison's forehead is from a fall in the bathroom when he was running to the potty and fell on the tile floor.

We also worked on some Easter goodies today, Next week we are having a Easter Dinner, and Easter Egg hunt at Church, then the following week is Easter fun at Mother's Day out. Harrison does not have Mother's Day Out next week for Spring Break so we are going to work on potty training. He has been going every night but not very interested in trying the rest of the day. So hope all goes well next week.

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angie said...

you can come and yuse my kitchen if you need to.. or if you need help i can help you.. love the box house.. and the bruse.. such a boy one!