Monday, March 9, 2009

long time since last update

Harrison is finally better and we have been super busy, and I have been either busy in the evening or my computer has not been wanting to work with me. Anyway above is one of Harrison's mega block "garages" he thinks it is great fun.

Last Friday we got to go to a short play that Matthew's class did at school. Harrison did a great job watching it and it was cute of course. The boys enjoyed seeing each other too. We are enjoying having them so close for play time, and dinners and such the boys love each other so much.

we have enjoyed the nice weather this weekend and today... we have had so much playing outside and working in the flower beds. I have really enjoyed the fence that John built last fall. I can work and not worry where Harrison is running off too. We are blessed to have such a nice yard to play in and to enjoy God's creation.

And spring is starting to spring around here :)


Papa and Nini said...

Hello Family;It is good to you enjoying the Mega Blocks we got you Harrison. I remmember you and me playing with them and your big truck,that was fun. The weather has been nice here too and we got some yard work done here too. The Butter Cups have been blooming here for a couple of weeks. It is great to see the boys loving each other and having time to play and enjoy each other. Love Parkhurst H.Q.

Lesley said...

Just thought I'd finally chime in and say how much I like to look at your blog from time to time! I am a friend of Carol's and my husband Eric has talked to your husband a few times recently. Your little boy is such a cutie - such a nice looking family : ) I enjoy reading your recipes too!