Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paint HELP

Ok so here is the front of our house after lots of work removing all the landscaping in the front lots in the back and several tree removed not to mention all the ivy, we are ready to paint the house. Now we can't decide what do to. We would like to paint the brick, since it is a dated color and we think painted brick if very neat and clean looking. HOWEVER we know that we won't be at this house forever and don't want to make it harder to sale in the future but again we think that painting would be a good update. The trim and shutters have to be done now and along with a little gutter work so we are in the middle of a debate of weather to just paint the trim and shutters or paint the brick too. Let us know what you think.

We drove around a neighborhood today that we knew had lots of homes the same style of ours and looked for some that were brick with the trim colors we are thinking of and then also the ones that are painted. We still really like the painted look but can't decide for sure.

Here are some pictures of some choices that we liked. Some things to keep in mind. Our roof is black and the storm windows have a white frame, and they have to stay since the windows are not new, and we have brick sidewalks that would not be able to be painted if we paint the brick but we would paint the brink fence around our patio (if you click on the house label on the right side of the page you should be able to see more pictures of the house) You should be able to click on the pictures to make them larger.

These are both shades of tan and black that we think we will go with if we only do the trim and shutters. (we wish we had this little porch on our house but that is not in the budget and the house next door has one so ...)
Now for the painted brick, the first one is a cream even though it looks white in this picture.
This one is a yellow cream color with green shutters
we REALLY like this one but are afraid that it would be too dark on our house since we don't have the porch.
This is what we are leaning to. it is a little darker than the picture is showing.

So please leave a comment or shot me an email and give us your thoughts. Also scroll down this is the forth post in the last 24 hours :)


Anonymous said...

MAD votes to just paint trim and shutters. I think the paint makes it look more like a older person's house. Paint would be more maintenance and might deter future buyers. And cheaper to re-do later if you didn't like the color. Just my thoughts. (I would rather invest in new windows that would only add value. You could update style of windows too.)

Lesley said...

Ooohh - tough choices! Intially, I leaned toward painting the brick. I like that look and have even noticed a couple of brand new houses in upscale neighboorhoods going with that look. My favorites of your photos are #4, #5and then #2. However, I am not sure how it would go over with potential buyers? If a buyer didn't like the original brick color he would know he could change it upon buying the house. On the other hand, once it is painted if a buyer didn't like that they may pass the house up all together.

In a nutshell, I am not any help am I? Sorry. Your looks nice already in my opinion. : )

Carla said...

Matt and I both think you should paint the trim and shutters and leave the brick. I don't think it looks dated. I think the bright orange brick is the only brick that really looks dated to me. I agree with Lesley in that it's a lot of work, maintenance & could detur future buyers. If you choose to paint the brick, I would say #5then #1.

Leslie Miller said...

I agree with the others....just trim, shutters, rail...maybe even the front door. My in-laws painted their house and to be honest, the house looks more dated now then before. Plus, it is just one year out and already needs touch ups. I know that whatever you do will be GORGEOUS!

Freemad said...

Personally - I would leave the brick (for all the reasons that everyone else has posted) plus I love the look of brick.

No matter what you decide, your house is gorgeous!

Hannah Fields said...

we love painted brick. i am horrible with colors. i know what i like but that is as far as it goes. Dale is better about paint colors. However, i think the painted brick would be very cool.

Nikki said...

Eh, I would leave it. A house is just a house after all! Why not use the money instead to sponsor a child or donate to families who can't even afford a house to live in? Just my .02!