Friday, April 3, 2009

Bunny Update

Here is Harrison's gear for "feeding" all the animals. Yes we live in town, yes our yard backs up to a shopping center, Yes we are only one block from Main Street but Harrison does not care. I guess it is in his blood. We have to feed the bunnies, the birds, and the squirrels. Then watching them all day long. When we can ever have a bit a land and "real" animals we may never see Harrison.

Harrison has not had Mother's Day Out this week for Spring Break so I have not been able to go to the office during day so John has come home early a couple of nights early so I could run up to the office for a couple of hours and get my normal stuff done at the office. It has been nice that John and Harrison has been able to have some boy time alone without Mommy. So the boys made a Bunny house for for the Bunnies power tools and all. They made the house and painted it then the next night they took it out to the bunnies. Harrison was so proud and was SO EXCITED when the bunnies went into the the new house. He would laugh, want to show us and jump up and down when they went in.

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Hannah Fields said...

how sweet. i love that you feed all the animals. I cannot wait to meet your bunnies. i have been telling Grace about them. All she can think about is the easter bunny. it is that time, i guess.