Thursday, April 30, 2009

Look what we got in the MAIL

So we were leaving the office yesterday and the UPS guy brings us a box with Fragile on it and he is shaking it saying "I think this is broke". He wanted to take it back to report the damage before we opened is we notice it was for Harrison from Nini and Papa... and they just got back from Gulf Shores... so we gave them a call... They said it was Hermit Crabs. At first we did not think they had made the shipping but they are up and moving, one a bit slower than the other.

Harrison thinks they are pretty cool, but I wish John had not showed him that they can come out of there cage. Now that is all he wants to do. I told Harrison that was something only he did with Daddy or they would be out in the house and who knows if we would be able to find them. So our collection of animals is still growing.

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