Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thunder over Louisville 2009

This weekend we enjoyed a few days downtown Louisville for Thunder Over Louisville which is the kickoff to all the Derby festivities. We had a room at the Galt House so we were right in the middle of all the action did not have to worry about the traffic, which was GREAT. Nicki, Timmy, and Timmy came to join us and the other families from the office. Harrison enjoyed the weekend expect for the loud airplanes and fireworks. Harrison does not like things loud so we did not really expect to get to watch the fireworks but the air show did not last too long either. But we all still had a good time. Isaiah and Harrison both like the planes until the fast military planes came and they were so loud they both got pretty upset so Nicki and I headed back to the room with the boys. Isaiah needed to nap and Harrison did not want to leave him alone so Nicki shut the bedroom door. Once Isaiah calmed down and we thought he was asleep she went to check on him and found the door locked. So by the time it was all "under control" we had three security guards in the room and a call in to come and take the door off even though they got it open before we had to get to that point. They were really worried once we told them a four year old with a trach was on the only side. We told them if we were that concerned or if it had been a year or two earlier we would have had the door down before they even got there. Just another funny story to add to our growing list.

I think John and Timmy could have watched the planes for days.

of course part of the fun staying in hotels is getting room service and it was much easier to just order it in than to wait for hours for a restaurant. Friday night John decided he wanted a grilled cheese at midnight, I beat they don't get too many request for grilled cheese at midnight.

This was how Harrison watched most of the airshow.

While Harrison and I watched the fireworks on the TV in the room on mute (we started outside but did not make it though the cannons going off, Harrison was terrified and would not even watch from inside the building.) Isaiah thought the fireworks were just GRAND.


Lesley said...

Sounds like a super fun weekend! We talked about going but were afraid it would be too much with the baby and all.

Love the new oven. Can't wait to see what great confections you'll be baking up soon!

angie said...

lol grilled cheese at midnight.. love the bowl of ranch... what a goof

Hannah Fields said...

SO Much fun!!!!