Monday, May 25, 2009

Children's Museum and Aquarium

Friday when we got to Chattanooga we had a picnic lunch on the water front then headed over to the aquarium and IMAX. Harrison LOVED it he wanted to show us everything. And he really wanted to see the penguins and we ever had to go back before we left to see them again.

We all enjoyed looking around and glad that we went on Friday before the big crowd hit:)

This was the first time we have not taken a stroller to something like this and he did really well. Now the only issue is that if he gets tried he is very heavy to carry around.
Harrison also LOVED the stingrays and made funny faces at them.We went to the IMAX to see an ocean movie and we worried how this would go over. Harrison does not like loud noises but after it got started he did good. I would not say that he loved it but he did not cry and even sat in his seat some so that is a start.
Saturday we went to children's museum and went to visit with some of John's Family we had a great time at the museum and visiting for several hours with some family
Maybe JOHN had more fun than Harrison, what do you think?

before we headed home Sunday we went to the zoo in the rain, maybe it was a good thing it was a very small zoo :)

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