Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a BIG BOY

Harrison has had a toddler bed and a crib in his room for about year and we tried the big boy bed for about 3 months, in hopes that it might help with his sleeping, but it did not and LOVED his crib. so he has been sleeping in the crib ever since. We would ask where he would want to sleep and he would ALWAYS say BABY BED. Then this past weekend while we were at the hotel He did not want to sleep in his pack and play so we told him he could sleep in the daybed in the room as long as he did not get out of the bed, and he laid down and slept all night. then we stopped at my Mom's Sunday night so John could do some repairs for her and she had put one of her mattresses on the floor for him and he slept in the big bed again.

So first thing when we got home Monday we took down the crib. Harrison Helped John and only cried a few seconds when we started carrying the pieces out of his room. We put it in the guest room just in case...
But once his big boy bed was in place he was excited.

And he as slept there every since.

My baby is a BIG BOY NOW:(