Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Harrison and I just got back from a much needed trip to Isaiah's House. Our last trip was in Dec. so it was much over due. We all had a good time, other than Harrison not waiting to sleep. It rained a lot so we did not get out too much. The boys played well, feed animals, and even took their first bath together, this was a BIG deal since it was Isaiah's first bath with in a tub without an adult and they did so good. Nicki and I enjoyed some girl talk, and shopping time. We had planned a trip to the zoo after a doctor appt but the rain sent us to rain forest cafe instead and to the mall. We are planning a trip to Cincinnati next month and Angie and Matthew are planning on going with us, more fun to come soon.


Anonymous said...

it looks like the Wiggles and a bunch of big red cars!!!!!!!!!


Hannah Fields said...

cute pics. what a miracle isaiah is. i have not seen him in a while. he looks good.