Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chickens ... 3rd post today

This is what happens when a little boy has his Daddy and Grandpa wrapped around his little finger.

This is what happens when a little boy LOVES animals and a cat, 2 hermit crabs, and two bunnies are not enough...SO after fighting as long as I could Harrison now has new Chicken coop next to his bunny hutch with two new little chickens, which he has named but we have NO CLUE what he is trying to say.
So Harrison now has two more mouths to feed which is one of his favorite things to do.

So we are hoping that the condo will sell soon so we can start looking for a little land before Harrison's pets overtake us all.


Hannah Fields said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Chickens!!!! That's awesome. I want to comment on all of your posts. Will you please teach me how to cook. Everything you make looks delicious. Maybe you could audition for the next food network star.

Anonymous said...

I love the statues on top of each pet home! Grammy