Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 2 -- City Tour & Group Dinner

On Monday we took a City tour and had a group dinner at a local vineyard with traditional food. The food was a worry of John's before we left, he was afraid that he would starve while we were there :) We enjoyed every meal we had, we were not too brave to try too much but we did enjoy the food. we did miss cold drinks and Ice but that is a small thing. Above is our table at the group dinner, I think this was John's favorite meal, there was lots of fried Meat :)

The next few pics are just a few shots from around Vienna.

On the city tour we stopped and toured Schonbrunn Palace which was a hunting palace and summer home for some of the imperial family. We enjoyed the tour and the gardens.

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Jennifer Burgett said...

I hope that you got to eat some Schnitzel!!!!! YUMMY!!