Friday, August 21, 2009

Some Harrison News

Harrison has started back to riding lessons. He was doing so good in the spring then his instructor left for another job and Harrison does not always handle change too well so after trying a few weeks with the new teacher with an upset little boy so we took the summer off. So we started back with a new instructor, a new horse, and a new saddle. Miss Anna rides with him in a double saddle, which since he rode alone before we did not know if he would ride with with her but he is doing such a great job. I know neither of this pictures are very good but I will try to get some more, he was not in the picture mood this week.

Harrison Still LOVES his Thomas the trains, and as you can see he is still a Ham. Along with Thomas, Harrison has a new LOVE and that is VEGGIE TALES. All he wants to watch and listen too is Veggie Tales. And we are letting him watch more than normal because he is attempting to sing along and repeat the lines in the movie so while he is watching more TV than I would like he is really trying with the speech so we are trying to keep it in balance. And speaking of Veggie Tales, I found this Larry at a yard sale and it is like a MR. Potato head with different clothes, eyes, hats etc. He packs it around everywhere. and when he is watching a movie he changes the toys clothes to match what is on the TV. He is so funny.

Not only does he play and carry with Larry most of the day, he also is now sleeping with this box of Larry and Mr. Potato Head pieces.

Yes, we have one silly little boy

But the tub of stuff is not all he sleeps with... he also sleeps with two curious Georges, a penguin from Cincy zoo, a dog from cousin Matthew, two horses that John gave him, a hat he made at Bible School, a red quilt, his tag, a paci (yes I know he too old for a paci and he went for month without it but one day he got it back and long story short he still has it at night), also a couple hot wheels, and some trains to boot. This is a lot but he has finally started sleeping better, just getting up once a night most nights and even sleeping through the night some, so this is a little battle. Just a little news about a day in the life of our Little Red Head Wonder.

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PapaNini said...

That little red head wonder Harrison along with his cousin Matthew is a very important part of our lives. We look foreword to see what our boy is up to. God has blessed our family with two wonderful grandsons. Harrison do you listen to the CD's that PapaNini gave you? You look good riding the horse just like you have been riding for ever,a real cowboy. Hope we get to see you soon. We love you very much.