Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thanks John

So we moved Harrison BOOKSHELF into his room tonight. John started working on it over a year and a half ago and other things always seemed to needed our time so it got done right before our trip to Austria and I finally got all the coats of paint on it yesterday so into his room it went. It is bolted to the wall so no worries, Harrison will not be able to pull it over if he tries to climb it. :) The firetruck on the top was one of John's and since Harrison's nursery was done in firetrucks I have been waiting a long time to have it in his room. Thanks John :)

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Papa said...

The bookshelf looks great with the firetruck sitting on top of it. Don't tell me you think our Harrison might try to climb up the bookshelf, not Harrison. I remember playing firetruck with John when I gave him the firetruck. I always wanted one like it when I was a boy but never got one, so seeing my son pass it to his son makes me a very happy Daddy and Papa!