Tuesday, August 25, 2009

World championship Horse Show

Last night we went to the World Championship Horse Show at the state fair with Grandpa. Grandpa had a couple of horse that he knew showing and we thought Harrison would think it was fun. Above the boys are having some yummy Fair food getting ready for the show.
Harrison was so excited.

And he picked a horse in every class that he thought would win. He only picked black or gray horses though :)

Did sat and really watch for about the first hour then he got a little restless but he ever cried or fussed just wanted to move around some. We were there from 6:00 Pm - 11:30 Pm so he did GREAT.

This horse, "I'm Looking For You" is the reason that we stayed so late. He showed in the very last class. My Dad is a farrier which is the blacksmith that puts shoes on horses. Anyway he shoes this horse and he did well even though he did not win the top prize.

The horse below is another one of Dad's friends horses and he was even born on Dad's Farm.

And we got to see the Trainer from where Harrison has his riding lessons show and Miss. Anna, Harrison's instructor was there too.

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Papa and Nini said...

WOW Harrison,it looks like you had a great fun. I would like to see a GOOD horse show,not like some of the ones around here. Those are some beautiful and well trained horses. I am glad you got to go. Love Papa