Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Weekend

John's Parents camped out in Bardstown so we got to spend a little time with them. Friday night we cookout at their campsite. Harrison and Matthew enjoyed their S'mores

What silly boys

My parents came up this weekend also and Harrison enjoyed another sugar treat. Harrison enjoyed Grammy's birthday cake and ice cream. He does really good with an ice cream cone but a spoon is a different story.

John also started another project. He is building Harrison a barn in the back yard. It will be really cool when it is all said and done with a slide out of the loft (which will come a little later) and the boys are going to camp out in the loft which Harrison is really looking forward to. He will also get to store his four wheeler, and wagons in his barn alone with all his animal feed. I am also looking forward to these things to get out of the garage :)

John got all four walls up but it was too dark to take a picture. SO we are looking forward to seeing what all gets done this week. We are planning a Farm birthday party with lots of animals and a tractor to go along with his barn we are just hoping that it will not rain.


Working Mama said...

Can John come finish my basement!? He is ALWAYS building/working on something! I can't wait to see the completed project.

BTW, I was talking with my friend Sandy on Sat. who's (red-headed) nephew also has verbal apraxia...I thought that was kind of a weird/eirrie coincidence....

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...


let him finish this project then maybe we can work on getting him to work on your basement which would be a trip to your house :)the boys could work and well we would have to keep the kids out of there way :) or maybe grandma could keep kiddos and we could help.

Papa and Nini said...

John; If you want an old man to come help you I would more than happy to come and be in your way. We enjoyed the GREAT food and company very much. Harrison is one sweet and smart little boy. See you at the farm Birthday party. We love the three of you.